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E-Smog Belastung erkennen

Recognize E-SMOG load

We are constantly surrounded by technologies that promise convenience and connectivity. But that also has its dark side: E-SMOG.

This invisible cloud of electromagnetic fields can have potential effects on our well -being.


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E-SMOG strain specifically meet

E-SMOG as a vitality killer: How to identify sources and have any stress minimized

In our modern world we are constantly from Technologies surrounded that Convenience and Connectivity promise. But the advent of electronic devices and wireless networks also has its Dark sides: Electromagnetic pollution, also known As an e-mog.

This invisible cloud of electromagnetic fields can potential Effects on our well -being have.

In this article we will be with the Sources of E-SMOG deal, Opportunities for identification explain and Tips give to reduce the load. The findings of, the leading consumer protection organization in this area.

Understand E-SMOG: What is it?

E-SMOG refers to electromagnetic fieldsthat are generated by various electronic devices, including WLAN routers, mobile phones, power lines and more. While the debate about possible health effects continues, it is important to be aware of the presence of E-SMOG and take steps to take the Minimize stress.

Identification of E-SMOG sources

It is well known that mobile phones and WiFi routers are important sources for E-SMOG. But often We purchase devices, which Only when viewed in more detail as radiation sources turn out. Here is a small overview of the most common hidden sources

  1. Wireless devices: Devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets emit electromagnetic radiation. Limit use and keep these devices away from your body if they are not in use. You have no business in the bedroom. Switch them into flight mode when not in use. Also switch off Bluetooth when not in use.
  2. WLAN networks: WLAN routers send continuous electromagnetic signals. Switch off the WLAN if it is not required, especially at night. WLAN routers always have slots for LAN cables on the back. With these and a suitable adapter (mostly USB-C on Ethernet) for your laptop, tablet or cell phone, you can surf without the WiFi.
  3. Intelligent counter: Intelligent meters used to monitor supply services send radiation. Inquire at your pension company whether you can switch off the radio mode. Technically, this is usually quite easy for the provider.
  4. Printer: Many printers have a WLAN interface. Check out how you can deactivate them in the settings. If you want to be sure, only switch it on if you use it.
  5. Smart household appliances: In the meantime, many household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and coffee machines are equipped with WLAN. The following also applies here: It is best to switch off the function or switch off the device when not using it.
  6. Smart Homes: Central control units for the smart home are often connected to various networked devices via WLAN or control roller shutters and blinds. Ask yourself what you really need or what can be solved technically, for example via a timer.
  7. Loudspeakers and audio devices: Many audio devices now have WiFi. However, many, for example amplifiers or tuners, also have an input for a LAN cable on the back. So music can also be streamed without producing e-SMOG.

Measure E-SMOG

Sources of radiation are always devices that we do not connect with it at first. Measurement devices offer the safest way to not overlook them. Ideally, they cover several measuring areas:

  • High -frequency radiation: It is caused by cordless systems such as WiFi, cordless phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth, smart home devices, etc.
  • Low -frequency radiation: It is caused by all devices connected to the power grid, electrical distribution systems, power cables, etc.

As a reliable and easy -to -read measuring device, this has been Cemprotec 33 proven.

E-SMOG is considered as the cause of health problems

"I keep the topic of e-SMOG, on which scientists have been researching for decades, for the most underestimated danger to the health of humans, animals and nature."

Potential health risks of E-SMOG

Although research on the health effects of E-SMOG has not yet been completed, there are some potential risks that should be considered. 40,000 warning studies in this area, all "peer reviewed" speak a clear language.

If you have health problems yourself, at least there is a lot to speak to your home E-SMOG load significantly and to see if you are better off.

  1. Sleep disorders: Exposure to E-SMOG can affect sleep and lead to sleep disorders.
  2. Headache and fatigue: Some studies indicate that E-SMOG could cause headaches, fatigue and concentration problems.
  3. Long effects: It is believed that long-term exposure to E-SMOG could be associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases.

Tips for minimizing the E-SMOG pollution

  1. Create technology -free zones: Consciously create e-Smog-free zones in your home. In any case, your sleeping area should count.
  2. Switch off WLAN at night: Switch off your WLAN router at night to reduce the load during sleep.
  3. Used wired connections: Whenever possible, use wired connections instead of WLAN, especially for devices such as computers, cell phones and tablets. These devices usually have a USB-C connection that is used for the shop. This can be easily connected to the router with an Ethernet adapter, with which you can surf without restrictions.
  4. Restrict cell phone use: Use the hands -free system to keep your cell phone away from the head and body.
  5. Regular screen breaks: Take regular breaks of electronic devices to reduce continuous stress.
  6. Use flight mode: Use the flight mode if you do not actively use your cell phone to reduce the radiation exposure.
  7. Choose less radiant devices: Some devices emit less radiation than others. Find out and choose devices with lower specific absorption rates (SAR).

Consult trustworthy sources:

Websites like Provide valuable insights into the effects of E-SMOG on health and offer practical recommendations to minimize the stress. Find out more from such serious sources in order to be able to make well -founded decisions.

Conclusion: With the progressive technologization, understanding of E-SMOG is becoming increasingly important. By identifying sources, precautionary measures and an informed approach with the help of reliable sources, we can build a safer and more balanced relationship with technology.

Remember, it's about finding a balance between the amenities of modern life and health from us and our loved ones.

- Kind regards and see you soon -

Your Millivital team