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E-SMOG minimization

Convince yourself of the effect on your body

Electromagnetic radiation can affect health, when it affects the body in high dose and over a longer period of time. There are now over 40,000 scientific studies that indicate that electromagnetic radiation can increase the risk of certain diseases.

We can hardly avoid radiation through cell phone masts, WLAN routers or with Bluetooth-equipped devices in everyday life. It is therefore all the more important to locate the radiation sources in your own walls and to switch off especially at night.

For example, by switching off the WLAN router and the WLAN function on the tablet, cell phone printer and other radio-controlled devices and connecting the laptop or smartphone via a LAN cable with the Internet, you can already achieve a lot in your immediate environment. By shielding certain areas, the risk can continue to be minimized by electromagnetic radiation. Therapeutic tuning forks can also be of great use in everyday life.


Identify sources

It is already half the battle to become aware of the largest radiation sources in your own environment

The influence of electromagnetic radiation on sleep and what you can do about it

Yes, electromagnetic radiation can affect sleep. Electromagnetic radiation is generated by electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, television devices and WLAN networks and can lead to sleep disorders near the body.

  • Studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation can influence sleep by disturbing the body's natural melatonin rhythm. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the gland of the brain and regulates the sleep-awake rhythm. If electromagnetic radiation affects the melatonin level, this can lead to sleep disorders.
  • In addition, electromagnetic radiation can affect brain activity by disturbing electrical signals in the brain. This can lead to the body that the body does not get into deep and relaxing sleep, which is important for physical recovery.

To the negative Minimize the effects of electromagnetic radiation on sleepIt is advisable to switch off electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets before going to bed or at least remove from the bedroom. It can also be helpful to switch off the WLAN network during the night.

Another approach is the use of shields such as special curtains or color to reduce electromagnetic radiation in the bedroom.

Overall, reducing electromagnetic radiation can help improve sleep and promote better sleep quality.

Tips for radiation minimization

Electromagnetic radiation is omnipresent. Although it can be difficult to protect yourself completely from electromagnetic radiation, there are some measures that you can take to counteract negative effects on your health:

  1. Find radiation sources: If you know what is beaming in your area, you can also protect yourself against it as best as possible. Get a measuring device for electrical and high -frequency radiation.
  2. Reduce exposure: Avoid unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic radiation, especially near strong radiation sources such as mobile phone masts or high -voltage lines.
  3. Use low -radiation devices: Use low -radiation devices such as corded phones instead of mobile phones and avoid wearing Bluetooth headsets and headphones. The magazine Connect Creates a leaderboard with the least radiation cell phones.
  4. Record the distance: Keep the distance between electronic devices and radiation sources to reduce exposure.
  5. Use special products: Use special products such as cell phone covers that reduce radiation or devices that help compensate for the negative effects of electronic devices.

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