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Vitality, what is it and what did our ancestors already know about it? This is the starting point for the Cousins ​​Christof & Martin Plothe in this video in order to discuss building blocks for a vital body feeling.

Video 2: Nutrition

A good diet is the basis for a feeling of vital. But what does it matter and what are the largest vitality robbers? These and other questions about the topic of nutrition, go to day 2.

Video 3: Frequencies

Since the introduction of smartphones and WLAN, we have been constantly surrounded by artificial frequencies. What effects do you have on us? How can we reduce negative effects? We will follow these and other questions on day 3.

Video 4: Microbioma

The human microbioma is full of bacteria and viruses. Are they useful helpers or illicit enemies that need to be combated? What is the importance of diversity in our intestine and how can we support it? Our topic for day 4.

Video 5: Water

How do you recognize good water and what about the 4th state of aggregation of water? Can the water content be influenced in our body? Christof & Martin follow these and other questions about water on day 5.

Video 6: air

Air is more or less everywhere the same, isn't it? What makes your quality and how can we influence you? What role do negative ions and CO2 have in our breathing air? These and other questions about the air are the subject of day 6.

Video 7:

A good grounding is standard for technical devices so that they are not damaged. Wouldn't you also have to earth your own body regularly? What effect has an ground on our vitality and how can you make it? Our topic for day 7, the last day of our vital week.