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Inhibit viruses with zinc and quercetin in combination.

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Immun acute set

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1. Zink Picolinat

Zinc in capsule shape with high bioavailability bound to picolic acid. Made in Austria.

  • Highly dose: full 30 mg zinc per capsule
  • High bioavailability
  • vegan
  • Zinc for immune system, protection of the cells from oxidative stress, acid-base metabolism and much more.

Contents:150 capsules/ 37 g


2. Quercetin

Quercetin from the flower extract of the Japanese cord (Sophora Japonica). Purely vegetable, without additives, vegan. Made in Austria.

  • Volle 500 mg quercetin per capsule
  • 100 % natural, vegetable quercetin
  • Premium flower extract of the Japanese cord Sophora Japonica
  • vegan

Contents: 37 g / 60 capsules

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Inhibit viruses with zinc and quercetin in combination.

Product advantages

1. Two -time effective

Antiviral works in combination with quercetin.

2. High dose

A capsule contains 30 mg zinc, which is solved to improve the absorption in a picolinate connection.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine

The Japanese cord is considered a medicinal plant in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) due to its valuable ingredients. Studies confirm the antioxidant entrances of quercetin. Antioxidants protect our organism and cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. The immune system is strengthened. Quercetin also prevents inflammation.

Inhibit viruses with zinc + quercetin

According to studies examined by experts, zinc and in particular zinc in combination with an ionophor such as quercetin, viruses.

An ionophor is a molecule that can facilitate and improve the entry of zinc into the cell. Zinc is an antiviral mineral. High intracellular concentrations inhibit the replication of many viruses. Quercetin is a secondary plant substance and has shown a solid antiviral effect. In combination with vitamin C, it has another synergistic effect.

With a viral infection, it is therefore advisable to take zinc and quercetin in combination.

The importance of zinc for our body

Zinc is not only a cofactor for over 200 different enzymes, but also plays an important role in the body's own production of RNA, DNA and
Protein. Your cells need zinc to grow, multiply and repair damaged tissue. Zinc is also interact with
different hormones and is required for the synthesis, storage and release of many important hormones, e.g. B. for the sex hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone as well as for the thyroid hormones.

Zinc in our food

Although zinc occurs plenty of food, e.g. B. in legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grain products, many people still suffer from a lack of zinc because they eat unhealthy and the zinc content in modern crops is low. Fortunately, people who do not absorb enough zinc with their diet can take zinc preparations to cover their daily zinc requirements.




Already officially recognized functions:

The effect of zinc is still being researched in more detail. New studies on its effect appear almost every year. So far, the following health -related statements about zinc have been approved by the EU:

Zinc contributes:

  • To a normal function of the immune system
  • To protect the cells from oxidative stress
  • To a normal cognitive function
  • To maintain normal eyesight
  • To a normal acid-base metabolism
  • For a normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • To a normal fat metabolism
  • To normal fertility and reproduction
  • To a normal metabolism of macronutrients
  • To a normal vitamin A metabolism
  • To a normal protein synthesis
  • To maintain normal bones, nails, skin and hair
  • To maintain a normal testosterone level in the blood

Do you want to know more about it?

As a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, we are unfortunately only allowed to quote published studies or examinations and to put them in a holistic, meaningful context.

For this reason, it is advisable to inform yourself beyond our website about the advantages of our product content. For example, in reputable naturopathic internet or literature sources.

Useful sources:

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Information on the information is not healing or self -medication. Reserved for any printing and sentence errors.