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Natürliche Entgiftung: Tipps für eine innere Reinigung deines Körpers

Natural detoxification: tips for internal cleaning of your body

We are exposed to a large number of toxins every day. Our body has sophisticated detoxification mechanisms that can excrete toxins. Nevertheless, high loads can lead to an overload of these systems, which can lead to health problems.

Find out how you can support your body in detoxification with simple tricks.

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Of course support detoxification

Natural detoxification: tips for internal cleaning of your body

In our modern world, we are exposed to a variety of toxins every day, be it through chemical budgetary products, pollution, unhealthy nutrition or traces of pesticides in our food.

Why is detoxification important?
Our body is equipped with an amazing detoxification system, but sometimes it can be overwhelmed. Toxins can accumulate over time and lead to various health problems. Through regular detoxification, we support our body to free themselves from these pollutants and to restore its natural balance. The advantages of detoxification Rang from increased energy and improved digestion to a clearer complexion and a strengthened immune system.

The human body has several mechanisms to detoxify itself and clean them from harmful fabrics. The most important organs that play a role in the detoxification of the body are the liver, the kidneys, the skin and the intestine.

  • The liver is the most important detoxification organ of the body and is responsible for converting toxins into non -toxic substances, which are then excreted via the urine or stool. The liver also produces bile that helps digest fat in the intestine and remove harmful substances from the body.
  • The kidneys Filter the blood and divide harmful substances over the urine. They also regulate the water balance and the body's electrolyte balance.
  • The skin detoxified by welding and the release of toxins and pollutants in sweat. If the body absorbs excessive amounts of toxins, it can try to exhaust them through the skin to avoid overloading the system.
  • The intestine plays an important role in detoxification by binding toxins from food and leaving them through the chair. A healthy intestinal flora is important for effective detoxification.

There are also other mechanisms that help detoxify the body. More on that.

Detoxification in everyday life

"You can support your body with simple methods in detoxification."

Pollutants avoid as far as possible

Our body can come into contact in different ways with toxins:

  1. Environmental pollution: Toxins such as pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides and industrial emissions can get into our environment through the air, water and soil. Food can also be contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals without us looking at it.
  2. Nutrition: Our modern lifestyle has led to an increase in processed foods, artificial additives and pesticides in our diet. These can accumulate in the body and become a burden on the detoxification organs such as liver and kidneys. Bio -products offer a clear advantage over conventionally grown foods.
  3. Personal care products and household chemicals: Many conventional personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, deodorants and cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate. These can get into the body via the skin. Household chemicals such as pesticides and cleaning agents can also contain toxic substances.
  4. Medicines and luxury foods: Medicines, both prescription and over -the -counter, can leave pollutants in the body. The excessive consumption of alcohol also affects the body and affects its ability to detoxify.
  5. Everyday stress: Chronic stress can affect hormone production and metabolism in the body. This allows toxins to be broken down and excreted more slowly.

Natural detoxification methods

Our body has sophisticated detoxification mechanismsthat can excrete toxins. This includes the Liver, the kidneys, the lungs, skin and the lymphatic system. Nevertheless, high loads and excessive exposure can lead to an overload of these systems, which can lead to health problems.

Therefore it makes sense to To regularly support body in detoxification.

Natural detoxification methods are an effective way to support the body in cleaning toxins and improve general well -being.

We would like you here practical tips Put by hand that you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

  1. Healthy eating: A plant -hugging diet is an essential part of natural detoxification. By eating fresh, fiber -rich fruits and vegetables, fermented whole grain products such as sourdough bread, the body receives the necessary nutrients to effectively detoxify. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, turmeric, ginger, garlic and artichokes contain natural enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that support the detoxification process.
  2. Water: Drinking enough water is crucial for detoxification. Water helps to rinse toxins from the body and ensure that the excretion organs can work well. 2-3 liters of water or herbal tea is considered the minimum to stimulate the metabolism and to promote the excretion of toxins.
  3. Plant support: Certain herbs and plants have detoxifying properties and can support the body in detoxification. Mary thistle, dandelion root, coriander, Schisandra and nettle are examples of plants that support liver function and can help with detoxification. These can be taken as a dietary supplement, in the form of teas or as a component of detoxification smoothies.
  4. Movement and sweating: Regular physical activity is a natural way to detoxify the body. Movement increases blood circulation, which in turn improves the transport of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues. Sweating is a natural type of detoxification, since toxins are excreted over the skin. Integrate regular movement into your everyday life, be it through sports, yoga, dancing or just walks in the fresh air.
  5. Breathing techniques: Our breathing plays an important role in detoxification. Deep and conscious breathing can help increase the oxygen content in the body. Breathing techniques such as deep abdominal breathing, pranayama and meditation can have a calming effect and support the detoxification process.
  6. Stress management: Chronic stress can affect the body's ability to detoxify. It is important to reduce stress and to integrate relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, massages or walks in nature into everyday life. By reducing our stress level, we support the body in detoxifying more efficiently.

It is important that every body is unique and can react differently to different detoxification methods. Therefore, slowly try out the different methods.

In order we Integrate natural detoxification methods into our lifestyle, we can support our bodies to excrete toxins and restore its natural balance, which can lead to improved well -being and increased vitality.

- all the best and see you soon -

Your Millivital team