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Vitamin D – Dein Schutzschild im Winter

Vitamin D - your protective shield in winter

In the cold season, our immune system is often faced with special challenges. Then vitamin D plays a central role in our health. But why is this "sunshine vitamin" so important for a well-functioning immune system, especially in the frosty season?

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The sunshine vitamin as your support in winter

Vitamin D - The particular importance of sunshine vitamin in the cold season for our immm

In the cold season, when the days are getting shorter and the temperatures decrease, our immune system is often given special challenges. Vitamin D plays a central role in our health, especially in these winter months. Let us discover why this "sunshine vitamin" is so important for a well-functioning immune system, especially in the frosty season.

Vitamin D - Your protective shield in winter: immunostrity despite the cold

While the sun provides us with vitamin D in summer, there can be a deficiency in winter. Especially now, optimal supply is essential to our immune system strong and
to keep resistant. Because vitamin D exerts different functions in our body. Below are a few examples of this.

1. Immun modulation: Winterblues Adé

The dark season can often be accompanied by a feeling of tiredness and energy - not infrequently also known as winter blues. Vitamin D has an immune modulating effect and can help to alleviate these mood lows by promoting the production of happiness hormones in the brain. 

2. Inhibitory power: keep the cold in chess

Winter infections and colds are not uncommon. Vitamin D has anti -inflammatory properties that can help reduce sensitivity to infections. So you can prepare for the cold period.

3. Antimicrobial defense: winter magic for your health

The cold season has a variety of pathogens. Vitamin D supports the production of antimicrobial peptides, which serve as a natural defense against viruses and bacteria. It is such an invisible companion in the winter defensive fight.

4. T cell optimization: Winterfit for the immune system

The adaptability of the immune system is particularly in demand in winter. Vitamin D plays a role in the regulation of the T cells, which ensures an optimal reaction to possible pathogens. So you can feel fit and healthy despite winter challenges.


How do you keep your vitamin D level stable in winter?
Practical tips for your everyday life


Sunny moments: Use every opportunity for short walks outdoors, especially during the sun -rich phases of the day. Note that between October and April only the midday sun between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. So off to the outside during the lunch break.

Dietary supplement:
If the natural supply is not sufficient, can Vitamin D preparations be a sensible addition. Please note that optimal supply of vitamin D is between 50 and 80 ng/ml, i.e. above the reference values ​​of most laboratories. It is advisable to have the value checked twice a year from a doctor or laboratory.


Conclusion: a sunny winter for your immune system

In the middle of rain and cold, vitamin D can increase your protective shield. It not only ensures that many know it for strong bones, but also actively supports your immune system. A long -term sufficient supply of vitamin D is of crucial importance. Then you can look forward to the cold season a little more relaxed.


Stay healthy and vital! 

- Best regards -
Your Christof

still clearly underestimated

"For me, vitamin D is the key vitamin in winter. To be adequately cared for, the base is for a well -functioning immune system."

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