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Wie Obst und Gemüse dein Immunsystem beeinflussen

How fruit and vegetables affect your immune system

A often underestimated source for the support of our immune system is secondary plant substances that can be found in fruit and vegetables. Let us take a closer look together at how these little miracles of nature can support our immune system in a variety of ways.

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Secondary plant substances & your immune system

The power of nature: how secondary plant substances from fruit and vegetables influence your immune system

There is hardly anything more important than our immune system, isn't it? Especially in autumn and winter, when our immune system is confronted with various challenges every day, it is crucial to support our body as much as possible. An often underestimated but extremely important source for this support are secondary plant substances that can be found in fruit and vegetables. Let us take a closer look together at how these little miracles of nature can support our immune system in a variety of ways.

Secondary plant substances - the secret behind healthy
fruit and vegetables

Secondary plant substances are natural connections that occur in plants and are not one of the classic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates or vitamins. But although they are called "secondary", their effects on our health are anything but irrelevant. On the contrary, they are essential for the smooth functioning of our immune system.

1. Antioxidative Powerhouse: Come towards free radicals

Most of us have certainly heard of free radicals - these small, reaction -loving molecules that can do damage in the body. Secondary plant substances are strong antioxidants that can help neutralize these free radicals. This is crucial to counteract inflammation and prevent cell damage. 

2. In anti -inflammatory heroes: keep the body in balance

A healthy immune system requires a balance, and secondary plant substances come into play. Many of them have anti -inflammatory properties that can help to counter excessive inflammation. An excess of inflammation in the body can
lead to various diseases in the long term, so the supportive role of the plant substances is invaluable.

3. Immune modulation: Bring the immune system in the best form 

Secondary plant substances are able to modulate the activity and efficiency of our immune system. You can help strengthen the immune system without increasing the risk of an overreaction. This immune modulation ability is particularly important to make the body more resistant to diseases.

4. Diversity for intestinal health: the key to the immune system

Have you ever heard of the intestinal microbioma? These are the trillions of microorganisms in our digestive tract, which have a significant impact on our immune system. Secondary plant substances promote the diversity and health of this microbiome, which in turn improves immune function. A healthy intestine is therefore a central player in maintaining a strong immune system.


Practical tips for your diet: This is how you integrate more secondary plant substances


Colorful diversity:
Place on a colorful range of fruit and vegetables. Each color entails different secondary plant substances.

Herbs and spices:
Use the power of herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic and oregano. They are rich in secondary plant substances with diverse health advantages.

Fermented food:
Freshly fermented sauerkraut, kimchi and vegetables are not only delicious, but also rich in probiotic bacteria and secondary plant substances.

Dietary supplements:
Products such as Milli immune Place the maximum variety of natural secondary plant substances and also use the positive effect of the food synergy, according to which the individual ingredients can complement and potentiate each other.


Conclusion: together strong with nature

The importance of secondary plant substances from fruit and vegetables is enormous for our immune system. In nature, there is an invaluable force that supports us to stay healthy and keep our immune system in top form. So, let's put it together on a colorful, diverse diet and exhaust the power of nature as best as possible.

Stay healthy and vital! 

- Best regards -
Your Christof

Variety on the plate

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