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Natürliche Entgiftung und Zeolith

Natural detoxification and zeolith

We are exposed to a constant rush of pollution, chemicals and heavy metals. These can accumulate and lead to problems in the body. Supporting detoxification with Zeolith can make sense to support the body in excretion. Find out more about it.

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Natural detoxification and zeolith

Natural detoxification and zeolith: what is behind it and how to support them

In today's world we are exposed to a constant rush of pollution, chemicals, heavy metals and harmful substances. These factors can accumulate in our body over time and lead to various health problems. Natural detoxification can therefore be useful to support our body in freeing themselves from these harmful substances and supporting our health and vitality. Zeolith can be an aid in this process.

Main causes for a burden

The main factors, which can lead to a burden on the body with chemicals, heavy metals and other harmful substances, are diverse and can vary depending on the lifestyle and the surrounding area. The most important factors include:

  1. Air pollution: The inhalation of air pollution, such as pollutants from traffic, industry and combustion of fossil fuels, but also in the household, can burden the body with pollutants.
  2. Nutrition: A diet that is rich in processed foods, artificial additives, pesticides and herbicides can strain the body with chemicals and toxins.
  3. Water quality: The absorption of dirty or contaminated water can be a significant load on the body.
  4. Cosmetics and personal care products: Many conventional cosmetics and personal care products contain toxins that can be absorbed through the skin.
  5. Workplace: Depending on the professional field, the exposure to chemicals and pollutants can be significant in the workplace.
  6. Smoking and alcohol consumption: Tobacco smoke and excessive alcohol consumption expose the body to harmful substances.
  7. Medicines: Taking certain medication can strain the body with chemicals and additives.
  8. Genetics: The individual genetic predisposition can affect the body's ability to metabolize and eliminate toxins.
  9. Cleaning supplies: To protect against chemicals, gloves should always be worn and even better as natural, degradable cleaning agents should be used.

What is zeolith?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral, which is characterized by its unique porous structure, which enables it to absorb and bind toxins and heavy metals. This ability makes Zeolith an extremely useful tool to support the detoxification of the body.

Clinoptilolite Like it in the Millivital Detox powder 12-day cure is used, one of the most common zeolite species and is often used in medical applications due to its unique structure and ability to detoxify and ion exchange. The structure of Clinoptilolite-Zeolith consists of a three-dimensional grille of micropores and channels. These pores and channels can capture and bind molecules of certain sizes and charges.

This makes Zeolith an excellent adsorption.

How does Zeolith support detoxification?

The detoxification process by Zeolith is based on a mechanism called ion exchange. The porous structure of the zeolite contains charged particles that can attract and capture pollutants. These bound toxins are then safely excreted from the body.

Zeolith has the unique ability to absorb different types of pollutants, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. It can also remove toxins from pollution and metabolic waste that accumulates over time.


"A generation has never been confronted with such an abundance of pollutants like ours. Unfortunately, we still know very little about their long -term consequences."

How do you use Zeolith to support detoxification?

Zeolith is available in different forms, including powder and capsules. For example that Millivital detox powder, 12-day cure. It is important for all forms to drink at least 3 liters of liquid per day. For this purpose, water or herbal tea are recommended.

It is important to note that taking Zeolith can lead to temporary worsening of the detoxification symptoms because the body exits the toxins released. This is usually a good sign and shows that the detoxification process works.

Tips on how you can also support your detoxification

Even if Zeolith is a valuable tool for detoxification, you can further increase the effectiveness of this process. Here are some additional tips on how to support detoxification:

  1. Drinking water: Adequate fluid intake is crucial for detoxification. Drink 3 liters of water or herbal tea every day during the detoxification phase to support the excretion of toxins via the kidneys.
  2. Dietary diet: A fiber -rich diet can help clean the intestine and promote the excretion of toxins. Food such as whole grains, vegetables and legumes should therefore be on your menu every day.
  3. Antioxidants: Foods that are rich in antioxidants can protect the body from oxidative stress and promote detoxification. Examples of antioxidant food are berries, green leafy vegetables and nuts.
  4. Movement: Regular physical activity can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, which can contribute to detoxification. Think about how you can integrate movement into your everyday life, be it through sports, walks or yoga.
  5. Sauna visits: Saunation can help to exhaust pollutants through the skin.
  6. Avoidance of pollutants: Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and pollution by switching to environmentally friendly cleaning agents and skin care products and ensuring good ventilation in your home.
  7. Stress reduction: Chronic stress can affect the body's ability to detoxify. Practice stress techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises or yoga to promote your relaxation.
  8. Healthy liver function: The liver is an important detoxification organ. A healthy diet and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption can support liver health. Do you already know our product Liverly?
  9. Sufficient sleep: Sleep is essential for regeneration and detoxification of the body and especially our brain. Make sure you find enough sleep to support your body in detoxification.

The combination of these tips with the occasional use of Zeolith as a supplement can help support the detoxification of your body and to promote your health and well -being.

Remember that detoxification is a holistic process that requires time and commitment to achieve long -term health benefits.

- Kind regards and see you soon -

Your Millivital team

Information on the information is not healing or self -medication. To clarify symptoms or other complaints, contact a holistic doctor or a trained naturopath. Reserved for any printing and sentence errors.